Dry Run and a Norfork Trip.

Had an a chance to take Kam and a few of her friends to Dry Run Sunday.  To say it was a perfect day would be somewhat of an understatement.  I really dont know how many fish they caught but if a fly was in the water, within a few seconds a fish was on.

We started the morning off by helping everyone get the feel of things.  Watching Drift indicators, setting the hooks and not touching the reels if the rod was bent over to far.  After that only the occasional help to release fish was needed. 

Hayden Hooked the first fish and took one of my favorite pics of the day.  Kam and Abby started off on their own and Chris Curtis took a great pic of them in the fog.  We had the run of the creek to ourselves for most of the day.  The flies were the norm, small midges, flashy colors etc. Canon caught the Hog of the trip, a huge rainbow.  What I was impressed by was the fact that all the kids shared time on the poles in the hot holes.  It is a great feeling to help the kids hook fish, especially big ones.  But and even better feeling to be standing up on the ledge above, watching them hang fish after fish, and each of them netting the fish for the others.  No Ipads, video games or phones, just Fishing.  It really doesnt get any better than that. For More Pics checkout our Facbook page.

Monday broght a drift trip down the Norfork. I told Scooter that I would not mention anything about him stepping off the end of the Boat ramp and going completely under.  It was a really funny story that would have been a great read.  Especially the part about him yelling at Jordan “Full Waders! Help”.  Oh well  He recouped rather quickly and landed a 18 1/2″ Brown right off the bat.  I will say that the netting job by Jordan was both tense and exciting.  It was a method I had never seen before but it did get the job done.    All in all it was a great day.  I was a Cuttthroat shot of cathcing a grand slam.  I did catch a nice carp on a streamer which was fun.  I would say we slayed them but we caught several.  Color was the ticket.  Once we found the “hot” color the fishing got to rolling.     We finished the night off with a Pizza from Tommys that was unreal.  Pulled pork pizza, dont make any judgements until you try it.

Thats all for now, Come by the shop Friday and Saturday for some good deals on gear.  Find out what the hot patterns were and just hang out.

Remember, Money cant buy happiness, But It can buy Fishing gear and thats really the same thing.

“Get a Rod Bent”


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