Monday, Monday on the ‘Fork

Took another little trip on the Norfork on Monday with a couple of my customers.  Jimmy (the favorite,  inside joke) and Luke both were wanting a little time on the water and to learn a little more  about using a “sight indicator.” It did not take very much twisting of my arm to get me to go.

After last week I tyed up a few more small midges and PT’s for the trip.  We left about 7, got behind some sight seers around Sylamore and hit the water by 9:30.  AS we were fixing to drop the boat in I noticed some holding water on the ramp.  There was a small brown midge in it. I showed it to the guys to let them see what I had been talking about with all the midge talk. I would have took a picture but my phone I found out on the way up was full.  I guess its time to delete the countless pictures from vacations and fishing trips.  Its really kinda funny going through my phone.  I have as many pictues of fish as I do my kids.  However,  in my defense,  Several have both my kids and fish in them. After that we were off down the river.

It was hit or miss at first but Luke took the early lead.  Again he was using the miracle fly at the boat ramp pool.  There were 2 genrators runnin when we got on the water but didnt seem to be running full force.  We didnt linger long at the head of the river, I was hoping to get down to McClellan’s about the time the generation was suppose to end.  I did stop at my favorite little streamer hole and pounded the bank for just a bit.  It would only take 3 casts and an 16-17 inch Cutt pounced on the Galloups White Boogieman.  I was good.  Jimmy was ready to start throwing the 8wt SAGE ONE rod after that.  WE still had some high water to deal with but nothing else took the oversized offering.

THe next little strech would be hit and miss for a while as the water was beginning to fall. We pulled in few here and there but that seemd to be in all the boats.  I saw the other prototype Predator in the water with who had to be Forrest Smith and his clients.  He moved the boat up down and around McClellans with what seemed to be little effort.  I am ready to get behind the oars on one.  “Set, set , set!” and “Watch it now!” echoed around the lower pool but we didnt see to many make it to the boat.

The water finally started to drop out pretty good so we tried to push on down the river to get away from the crowd.  We pulled up on a shoal a fished awhile and caught a few more.  We looked at some different types of water and where to fish and why.  Luke fished to a set of 5 big fish feeding at the back of a pool.  He finally hooked one of them but the barbless hook did not hold.

We hit he water again and fished a big slow moving pool.  The sight indicator work that was done on the way down started to pay off.   Jimmy started making up for lost fish and gaining on Lukes fish total.  Luke hooked a beautiflully colored Rainbow that had some good size to it.  Jimmy would hook the largest Brown of the day.  It was also the only brown so we will leave it at that.  As we floated to the bottom of the pool, a heron flew over making its unmistakable call.  Then as we were all observing the white and pink thingamabobbers, waiting for any movement, a huge fish leaped from the water and landed with the sound of a large boulder faling from a cliff into a deep pool of water.  I saw only the tail as it slapped the water.  Instantly, both flies came out of the water and landed in the vacinity of the splash.

The water was all the way down now and we still had a good strech to drag the boat.  I walked it through Ackerman while the guys fished the shoals.  I saw John Berry on the bank as I was walking down.  I had met him before at the conclave, but after years of seeing is charichter on his logo he becomes unmistakable on the river.  The guys caught a few more and we headed to the pullout.  I managed to stay dry this trip but a bad Mcburger in Mt View made the trip home interesting.

Ill be in the shop the rest of the week.  New stuff coming in today and Paul Hoelscher is coming in tonight to teach the tying class.  Hope to see you there.

Good luck bending a rod.  Come by and we will try to help you make it happen.


3 thoughts on “Monday, Monday on the ‘Fork

    • I call it a sight indicator because that it what I was taught first. Its also called a Drift indicator, strike indicator, a strike indicating bobber (although calling it a bobber in some circles is blasphemy) or im sure there are many other names depending on where you are from. It is simply something attached to the leader or tippet to indicat soft strikes on the fly. I look for some odd movement that does not look like a natural drift. If I see an odd movement, I set the hook. I hope that it explains it. Thanks

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