A little night Fishing last Night….

After the tying club meeting last night Jordan and Eric Godwin decided to make a little trip to the Red on a full moon.  Jordan got broke off a couple of times fishing a “peanut envy” on 8lb test, but Eric landed a nice one. 


One thought on “A little night Fishing last Night….

  1. I fished morning through mid day on wednesday as well. Just out of a kayak, caught quite a few small fish, and just a few that were 12/13 inches. I did get to see two really nice fish though, only if i woulda had a camera in my hands. A very nice brown chased a few 8/10 inch rainbows within rod length of me. He floped around in the shoal for about 15 seconds, and then eased back into the drop off with a bows tail hanging from his mouth. Its seeing things like this on the river that will humble you. Makes you want to get hooked up with one of these fat dady’s.

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