Fishing Report 9/20/2012 Little Red

Today Sept 19 I fished Cow Shoals and the fish were there but being picky, could not catch fish on my usual  flies so I used a black and orange wooley, and it actually worked. I caught 8 or so stockers fairly quick once I had changed. The fish were stale though so I left hoping for better luck down stream. I went down to my good friend Eric’s Dads place up from Dripping Springs and used a kayak to paddle up-stream into my normal spots. The fish were there and aggressive, 40 minutes into it  i had caught around 20 fish larger than normal stockers. I used a heavy olive Wooley Bugger and was letting it sink and stripping it fast, I couldn’t keep them off of it. Not sure why but the fishing down stream was ten folds better than up. I Saw two bald eagles and caught around 35 fish all on Buggers. Perfect weather and the fishing is good, just seems like location is key.  Jordan Case

3 thoughts on “Fishing Report 9/20/2012 Little Red

  1. Sounds like a good time…was looking forward to going Saturday, but now have company coming in so will have to postpone it for awhile….I’ll tie up some of those Olive Buggers though. Thanks for the info!

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