Clear Cure Goo In The Shop!

Just Got a new shipment of materials in and among them was a nice selection of Clear Cure Goo products.  I have been anxious to get my hands on some and have been playing with it today.  It is an alternative to epoxy that goes on soft and gooey but does not get hard until you hit it with a UV light.  The possibilities are endless.  I have been experimenting with using it as a scud back instead of the rubber scud back that can be such a pain.  The picture to the side is an attempt to recreate “Zack’s Sack Fly” from Zach Matthews of  It is an egg pattern and it will be one of the flies we will do Tuesday night at the Tying Club.  If I can get the Scud lined out before then we will demo it as well.  If you like Fly Fishing blogs be sure to check out The Itinerant Angler link I posted above.  Zach has a Podcast and does some great interviews with some prominent Fly Fishing guides, Shops, Manufacturers, and Guys and Gals who know a lot about the sport.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s and Arkie as well.  Swing by and check out The “Goo” and the Norvise. And I guess Im suppose to say “The Goo is the Poo”.


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