Fly Fishing Film Tour Coming To Conway AR

Just got through meeting with Kim at the Downtown Partnership and Beth with The Village at Hendrix and we are going to be bringing the Fly Fishing Film Tour Conway!  We are putting together plans to make it an all day event with casting classes, vendors, Tying demonstrations and a chance to meet with guides to book some trips. I will be putting out more info soon but just couldn’t hold it in.   We will be working with Project Healing Waters to Donate a portion of the  proceeds from the Movie to them.    Check out the Link  If you are a Guide, lodge, or other vendor that would like to be involved Please Call Tim at 501-499-6914 or email me at


The Toad Fly Shop Little Red River Report -9/23/2012

Jordans fatty that had been gorging on Crayfish.

Heres a fishing report from Yesterdays trip to the Little Red.  It was the first time I had fished with Jordan and Chris.  It’s always a great time fishing with people who love to fish but also enjoy being outdoors and  taking in the whole experience.  Check out Chris’s report below and call and book a trip with Chris or Jordan.  We can accommodate beginners all the way up to you guys and gals who are hunting for big fish and willing to throw streamers all day.

“The Toad Fly Staff (Tim Bull, Jordan Case, and Chris Morris) had good times on the lower portion of the Little Red River yesterday, water conditions were low, clear and falling early in the am.  Many fish up and down the river with plenty of solitude.  So much so, deer swam nearby and eagles lazily ate their prey.  The stockers were not exacting on fly choice but definitely subtle on the take.  Nymphs and Streamers worked well.

When nymphing, a two fly rig proved positive with a 7.5ft 4x Mono Leader, 2.5ft 5x Fluorocarbon Tippet, varied Split Shot (started with a #6 typically) above the leader/tippet knot, connected to a Size 18 Pheasant Tail or Size 14-16 UV Humpback Scud/Sowbug as the top fly.  Off the bend of the top fly was 14inches of 6x Fluorocarbon tippet tied with a Duncan loop or Clinch knot. A Size 22 Midge Pupae (Red or Olive) terminating the end.   A dead drift and awareness of the indicator was a necessity for the subtle takes.

When streamer fishing, Jordan caught fat and happy rainbows on a size 10 Black Woolly Bugger for majority of the day.  Proving it always pays to have a box of woollies!  Although conditions were not optimal,   Tim and I were determined to throw the big stuff.  Articulated streamers brought in a couple of smaller browns, but no monsters to be had.  Jordan’s last fish of the day provided the most entertainment.

Definitely a great time fishing with Tim and Jordan and looking forward to our next trip!

Chris Morris (Arkansas Drift) ”

Drop by The Toad Fly and we can show you how to set up the “two fly nymphing rig” and help you to “Get your Rod Bent”

Fishing Report 9/20/2012 Little Red

Today Sept 19 I fished Cow Shoals and the fish were there but being picky, could not catch fish on my usual  flies so I used a black and orange wooley, and it actually worked. I caught 8 or so stockers fairly quick once I had changed. The fish were stale though so I left hoping for better luck down stream. I went down to my good friend Eric’s Dads place up from Dripping Springs and used a kayak to paddle up-stream into my normal spots. The fish were there and aggressive, 40 minutes into it  i had caught around 20 fish larger than normal stockers. I used a heavy olive Wooley Bugger and was letting it sink and stripping it fast, I couldn’t keep them off of it. Not sure why but the fishing down stream was ten folds better than up. I Saw two bald eagles and caught around 35 fish all on Buggers. Perfect weather and the fishing is good, just seems like location is key.  Jordan Case

Cold Morning is warming up the action on the Little Red.

Cold weather is warming up the action on the Little Red.

The Toad Fly’s Jordan Case has been on the river all day torturing me with pics of “Bent Rods” and fish pictures all day so I thought I would pass along the info.  The morning started with Sam sending me a pic of a rainbow nibbling at his leg, and the Stocking truck backed up to fill the river up for him.  Then the Pics started coming.  Jordan will be giving a report on what they were biting on because, “I can’t keep them off of it.” (his quote)  So if you can get to the river, do so.  Just be sure to stop by and get what you need on the way out.  Good luck and Get a Rod Bent.

Fly Fishing is not just about Trout.

Brian Wise  shows us again that fly fishing is not just about Trout.  Be sure to check out the link I also love the fact that it’s a family affair. Teach your kid to fish and you will have the best fishing partner you could ask for for life.

The location for the video is the North Fork of the White river.  It is just over the border in Missouri and is a beautiful river with both warm water smallmouth and coldwater trout fishing.  We are now working with the River Of Life Farms to book trips in their Treehouse cabins.  Call today to schedule your trip for the fall.